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We're a highly experienced & qualified team that believe quality dental care starts with taking the time to listen to and educate our patients.

Dr Candace Cooley BSc (Hons) BDS (Commendation)

Lead Dentist

Candace’s medical career spans over 20 years, initially focusing on Forensic Anthropology including work for the UK Disaster Victim Identification team and teaching Anatomy at the University of Dundee in Scotland. Candace graduated with a First-Class Degree with Commendation in Dental Surgery from the University of Dundee and Aberdeen.

Following a highly successful period practicing in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Candace moved to Auckland in 2015 and has been practicing around the Hibiscus Coast and Matakana ever since.

For Candace, dentistry is a passion, doing her very best for her patients, she takes the stress out of the dental experience with her gentle and caring approach; always ensuring patients have complete knowledge and control of their treatment. Candace provides the full range of general dentistry and has a particular interest in endodontics and oral surgery. In her spare time she enjoys running, cycling and playing the piano.


Dr Christian Blaschke


Luisa Antonio BHSc (Oral Health) 2009

Oral Hygienist

Luisa Antonio currently works at both our practices Matakana Dentalcare and Snells Beach Dentalcare. She joined the business 6 months after the practice opened in Matakana while also working part time with the Auckland Regional Dental Service (WDHB) and two other private practices. Luisa’s 8 years clinical experience with the WDHB covered the wider West Auckland and Rodney district. Although Luisa still practices dental therapy, she has chosen to focus on the high demand for dental hygiene with her clientele, five days a week at Matakana and one day at Snells Beach. In the 12 years of clinical experience, Luisa believes that dental hygiene is extremely important because it’s the center point to optimum overall health. Her focus on early prevention, elimination or control of periodontal disease, dental decay and tooth loss would help prevent links to heart disease, diabetes and other health complications. Fun for Luisa outside the clinic include cooking, baking, travel and shopping. Come see Luisa for all your dental hygiene care!


Dr Karina Carew

Karina became a dentist because she wanted to provide healthcare for people in a hands-on way and she loved her childhood experiences going to the dentist.

After graduating Dentistry from the University of Sydney in 2009, Karina went on to join the Royal Australian Navy as a Dental Officer for 14 years. In this role, Karina enjoyed the challenge of performing dental procedures for servicemen and women at sea and ashore which has also included humanitarian missions overseas. Karina has also worked in a private practice in Sydney Australia, from mid 2018 to April 2022 where she honed her skills in many parts of clinical dentistry.

With a keen interest in Oral Surgery, Karina completed a Graduate Diploma in Surgical Dentistry from the University of Sydney in 2016. Tricky wisdom teeth extractions are a personal favourite for Karina!

Karina is passionate in educating her patients about their oral health so together they can make the best decisions for their care. She prides herself on her compassion, communication and attention to detail and always strives to make her patients feel comfortable, confident and relaxed.

When she's not enjoying her time in the dental practice, Karina loves spending time with her two young children and her husband. Karina's love for the ocean and nature has brought her and her native Kiwi husband to NZ in May 2022 where they love to explore the bush and natural surrounds of the Hibiscus Coast. Karina's other hobbies include making jewellery, photography and cooking.


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